Griffith Descendancy
Nathan 1759 MD



Generation No. 1


1NATHAN2 GRIFFITH  (JOHN1) was born 04 Mar 1759 in Baltimore County, MD-supposed to be 4th oldest, and died Aft. 1836 in Millville, OH - Butler Co..  He married (1) ELIZABETH ENSOR 1777 in another source= as late as 1794.  She was born Abt. 1760.  He married (2) CATHARNIE OGG 1779.  She was born Abt. 1770.



I transcribed the note below from material sent me in 2006 by Bob Carr, descendant of Robert M. Griffith, son of Wm. Chenowith Griffith. 


DEPARTMENT  OF  THE  INTERIOR                       November 9, 1923




Mrs. Garland D. Scott   (ed. – Hester Crowder, daughter of Prudence Griffith)

Sherman Building

Sullivan, Ind.




I have to advise you that the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim S.8616 it appears that Nathan Griffith was born March 4, 1759 in Maryland.  


While residing in Baltimore County, near Baltimore, Maryland he was a Minuteman from May 1775 for one year in Captain Stephen Cromwell’s Maryland Company.   On June 25, 1776 he enlisted and served as a private 6 months in Captain John E. Howard’s Company, Colonel Hyde’s Maryland Regiment in the “Flying Camp” and was in the Battles of Harlem and White Plains.


About 2 weeks later he joined the artificers and served as a blacksmith in Carlisle City and Philadelphia for one year and five months.   He also served under captain John Hudson 4 months and late in 1778 he served a private two months in Captain Owen’s Maryland Company. 


He was allowed pension on his application executed July 30, 1832 while a resident of Millville, Butler County, Ohio.   There is no family data on file.  





(signed) Washington Gardner



There is a notation on History of Butler Co., Ohio that payment was made to Nathan GRIFFITH, for a large lock made for the jail of Butler County, $16.


I find the most probable Nathan in 1790 at



Moved to: Aft. 1780, Pennsylvania, Center Co.



Bob you asked about Catharine Aug, it is really Catharnie Ogg who married  Nathan Griffith in 1779.  I found their marriage license on Ancestry.com. 

It looks like he was married to his first wife for a few years and then he married Catharnie Ogg, so she must be the mother of Wm C.

Hank I didn't tell you that Nathan was also married to Catharnie Ogg in 1779, I don't know what happened to Elizabeth Ensor but she married someone

else also.  I found this information on Ancestry.com.  It has the marriage license for both of his marriages.   In some of the information give it says

he married Catherine Aug but I can not find anything on this name so I think the spelling is incorrect.  I also think Catharnie Ogg was the mother of Wm

C. Griffith, my gggfather.   It is so good to have a relative that is living on the east coast so it would be easier for you to research information out there. 




                   i.    JOHN3 GRIFFITH, b. Abt. 1797.

                  ii.    NATHAN GRIFFITH, b. Abt. 1797.

                 iii.    NANCY GRIFFITH, b. Abt. 1797.

                 iv.    REBECCA GRIFFITH, b. Abt. 1797.

                  v.    TOLLIE GRIFFITH, b. Abt. 1797.

                 vi.    RUTH GRIFFITH, b. Abt. 1797.

                vii.    DAVID GRIFFITH, b. Abt. 1797.

               viii.    POLLIE GRIFFITH, b. Abt. 1797.

                  ix.    JAMES GRIFFITH, b. Abt. 1797.

                   x.    ELIZABETH "BETSIE" GRIFFITH, b. Abt. 1797.

2.               xi.    WILLIAM CHENOWITH GRIFFITH, b. 30 Nov 1797, Penn.-1837 Indiana land pat. says middle name Chapman; d. 05 Feb 1892, Sullivan, Sullivan Co, Indiana- at home of Zerilda.



Generation No. 2


2.  WILLIAM CHENOWITH3 GRIFFITH (NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 30 Nov 1797 in Penn.-1837 Indiana land pat. says middle name Chapman, and died 05 Feb 1892 in Sullivan, Sullivan Co, Indiana- at home of Zerilda.  He married FRANCES "FANNY" KIRKHAM MCGREW 15 Feb 1817 in Nelson Co, Kentucky, daughter of ROBERT MCGREW and MARGARET KIRKHAM.  She was born 28 Jan 1799 in Bardstown, Nelson Co, Kentucky, and died 21 Sep 1870 in Sullivan, Sullivan Co, Indiana.



William Chenowith Griffith’s letter of his Ancestry.


The letter below was sent to me by Robert Carr in April 2006.   Mr. Carr is from Washington DC and is a descendant of William Chenowith Griffith’s Son, Robert Morrison Griffith.   The letter is from a copy made by William’s Grandson, J.W. Griffith made September 1922. ag


Copy of letter from W. C. Griffith to his Grandson J. W. Griffith

Sullivan, Indiana -   June 27, 1885


Dear Grandson,


Thru your request I send you a sketch of my lineage.   And if I’m spared long enough to write you another letter, I will give you a sketch of my life.  


John, My Grandfather Griffith, with 2 of his brothers, immigrated from Wales to this country in the early part of the 17th Century.   John settled in Maryland, 10 miles from Baltimore.   One of his brothers settled in Virginia and the other brother in one of the Eastern States  ( the names of the 2 brothers I have forgotten).


Grandfather had 12 children, 8 boys and 4 girls.   The boys names were James, John,  David,  Nathan,  Shadrick,  Meshak,  Adbendago,  and Benjamin.   The girls names were Ruth, Tollie,  Rebecca and Nancy.   My Grandparents were both members of the Church of England.   It was customary in that day among wealthy citizens, to select one of their boys for the pulpit.  So, the old folks selected Nathan, the 4th son (My Father).


He was born March 4, 1755 and graduated in 1776.  He at that time received a commission as recruiting lieutenant in the Revolutionary Army.   The first company he took to the field contained 6 of his brothers, leaving none but Benjamin to take care of the old folks, two farms and about seventy Negroes.   They all fought through the war except David, who was lost at the Siege of York, which lasted 17 days.


Soon after the war closed, my parents moved to Pennsylvania, Center Co., and remained there until the spring of 1799, when they and two neighbor families, vis; Isaac Buskirk and (….) Schammahorn took a notion to move to Kentucky.   The three families accompanied by 5 or 6 young men who attempted to guard them from attacks from the Indians in passing down the Ohio River, proceeded to Pittsburgh.   There they purchased a flat-boat, equipped it and started for their new country.   Their destination was Louisville, Kentucky.   They were frequently attacked by the Indians in passing down the river but no casualty occurred on their way.  They finally reached Newport Garrison in Kentucky above the mouth of Licking River and directly opposite where Cincinnati now stands.   Newport, being supplied by Government Troops to guard the frontier.  They feeling safe from the tomahawk concluded to locate there.  


My Father and Mother had 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls.   The boys names were John, James, David, William and Nathan.   The girls were Ruth, Tollie, Rebecca, Nancy and Betsie.  


In my next letter if I am able to see how to write, I will answer any questions you ask on the sketch above and a sketch of my life.  Your’s truly, W. C. Griffith


P.S., I cannot see to read with my best specs, so you will have to take it as you can.


 One last addition typed in by J. W. Griffith:  Grandfather had 10 children:  Warden,  Nathan,  Fielden,  Robert,  Thomas,  Joe,  Martha,  Sarilda,  Sarrah,  Lydia.  (all dead but Sarah).


I could not find William C. or Fannie indexed in any 1860 census - but did find them by browsing - Hamilton Twp, Page 79 / 960, 3rd to the last page of that township. (ag)


July 2006: found an 1837 land patent for land purchased at Sullivan County, Indiana, that says purchaser was:  William Chapman Griffith of Sullivan County, Indiana, this contradicts what others have handed down as middle name Chenowith.   However I think it is important to note that I've never seen any official document of that time that shows a middle name for William, but he did seem to always use his "C" middle initial.  


William has several feats described about him:

1.)  Built first courthouse in Sullivan, 1843

2.)  A Biography of Dr. Wm. Eaton described his wife, Eliza's father as "a stone mason who constructed a large part of the National Road through Indiana and Illinois (this is now U.S. Hwy 40, the main E-W route across the northern U.S. now supplanted by Interstate 70, both of which go from Dayton, Ohio Thru Indianapolis, Terre Haute & St. Louis.



Burial: Little Flock Cemetery, Shelburn, IN



Obituary, Sullivan Democrat Newspaper, Wednesday,  September 28, 1870:


"Died - On the 21st day of September A.D. 1870 of Paralysis, Mrs. Fannie Griffith, consort of Major Wm. C. Griffith, aged seventy-one years, seven months and twenty six days.


The subject of this notice was born January 26, A.D. 1799 in Nelson County, Kentucky.  She was hte eldest daughter oof Robert & Peggy McGrew.    On the 17 day of February A.D. 1817, she was united in marriage with Major Wm. C. Griffith, at her father's house on the farm where she was born and raised in Kentucky.   In 1819 she removed with her husband to the State of Indiana, where with the exception of a few years in Ilinois, she has continued to reside.   It will be seen that she lived with her husband a little over fifty-three years.    They raised a large family who are left to respect her many virtues and honor the sterling qualities which she possessed.   There was not in the country a happier and more agreeable lady than Aunt Fannie Griffith, as we always called her.   When surrounded by her large relationship, as was often the case, looking at the joyous happy hearts she seemed to live life over.   Thus has passed from out midst one of the early pioneers of this now prosperous state.   At an early age she made a profession of religion  in connection with the Baptist church, and it was often her custom to refer to the comfort she had always derived from an appropriation by faith in the precious promises of the gospel. 


The funeral services were conducted by Elder WIlliam Stansil, at Little Flock Church, about 5 miles north of Sullivan and the body was placed in the burial ground of the church.   Her companion of so many years of joy and happiness, trials and suffering, together with many relations and friends, mourn her loss."



Burial: Little Flock Cemetery, Shelburn, IN



3.                i.    WARDEN H.4 GRIFFITH, b. 11 Mar 1818, Bardstown, Nelson Co, KY; d. 09 Nov 1905, Marshall, IL- Clark Co..

                  ii.    FIELDEN GRIFFITH, b. Abt. 1820.

4.              iii.    ROBERT MORRISON GRIFFITH, b. 05 Jan 1820, Indiana- BD extrapolated from Cemetery Stone; d. 28 Dec 1880, Sullivan Co, Indiana.

                 iv.    NATHAN GRIFFITH, b. 1822; d. 1843.

5.               v.    ZERILDA JANE GRIFFITH, b. 12 Feb 1824, Corydon, Indiana; or Feb. 22?; d. 09 Dec 1900, Sullivan Co, IN.

                 vi.    MARTHA GRIFFITH, b. Abt. 1825.

6.             vii.    ARMILDA A. GRIFFITH, b. 1826; d. 27 Jun 1849.

               viii.    JAMES F. GRIFFITH, b. 1829, Indiana; d. Aft. 1850, On 1850 census  w. parents.



One source claims James died 1848, but that clearly is not so, as he is on the 1850 census with his parents and is single, age 21 yrs. born at Indiana.


This is a possible marriage:


GRIFFITH, JAMES                      CHANCELLOR, MARY E                   02/03/1861 E  /42


7.               ix.    WILLIAM T. GRIFFITH, M.D., b. Aug 1833, Indiana - physician at Washington, IL; d. 01 Sep 1909, Washington, IL -On 1850 census  w. parents.

8.                x.    SARAH FRANCES GRIFFITH, b. 28 Nov 1838, Sullivan Co, Indiana; d. 09 Dec 1929, Sullivan Co, IN-some lines Patton in next generation.

                  xi.    JOSEPH K. GRIFFITH, b. 1841, Indiana, per 1850-60; Illinois-per 1870 cen.; d. 11 Oct 1871, York, IL -north of Hutsonville from trauma complications.



His obituary states he sustained trauma when he was thrown off a horse at the Sullivan County Fair, but that  he died at least 3 weeks later at the age of 28 years.


9.              xii.    ELIZA A. GRIFFITH, b. 18 Jul 1842, Indiana -or IL ? - and maybe 1841 ?; d. 20 May 1885, Hutsonville, IL - there by 1870.



Generation No. 3


3.  WARDEN H.4 GRIFFITH (WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 11 Mar 1818 in Bardstown, Nelson Co, KY, and died 09 Nov 1905 in Marshall, IL- Clark Co..  He married ELIZABETH BLACK 13 May 1841 in Clark Co, IL.  She was born 16 May 1822 in Pennsylvania; or Ohio - varies in census?, and died 04 Apr 1888 in Marshall, IL- Clark Co.- DD per gravestone.



Burial: Marshall Twp. Cemetery, Marshall, IL



Other sources have her DD as 1893.  I doubt the gravestone that reads 1888 could possibly be that far off.



10.              i.    JOHN A.5 GRIFFITH, b. 23 Aug 1843, Illinois; d. 29 Dec 1894.

                  ii.    ELIZABETH J. GRIFFITH, b. 25 May 1844; m. MR. HOUSTON, 17 Oct 1865; b. Abt. 1843.

11.            iii.    WILLIAM C. GRIFFITH, b. 05 May 1845, Illinois; d. 14 Jan 1893, Lived at Indianapolis 1880 to death.

                 iv.    THOMAS JEFFERSON GRIFFITH, b. 23 Oct 1847, Illinois -at Terre Haute, IN 1900; d. 04 Oct 1906, Probably had no children; m. MARY GIFFORD, 15 Oct 1873; b. Aug 1849, Indiana; No children born at 50 yrs. old in 1900.

                  v.    SARAH FRANCES GRIFFITH, b. 06 May 1849, Illinois - believe she had no children; d. 19 Feb 1918; m. LOTON GRAY, 16 Aug 1895, Clark Co,  Book H  /Pg. 305  License 4; b. Abt. 1848.



Illinois On-Line marriage records, but cannot be certain this is her:


GRAY, LOTON                          GRIFFITH, SARAH F                    08/16/1895 H  /305  4                      Clark



The above marriage seems very late for her being born 1849 - earlier ones are:


DRUMMOND, DAVID                      GRIFFITH, SARAH                      02/17/1876 F  /190           CLARK              


MCFARLAND, JOHN O                    GRIFFITH, SARAH C                    03/05/1873 F  /23            CLARK 


But I do feel fairly confident we have her on the 1900 census with Loten Gray, her born May 1850 (instead of 49) and parents KY & OH. 


12.            vi.    MARGARET J. GRIFFITH, b. 27 Jan 1851, Illinois; d. 24 Aug 1916.

                vii.    MARY E. GRIFFITH, b. 28 Jan 1853, Illinois.



Not sure this is her or not in the Illinois marriage records at Clark County, IL?


GRIMMISS, JAMES                      GRIFFITH, MARY E                     12/31/1885 G  /283  3


13.          viii.    CHARLES D. GRIFFITH, b. 16 Jan 1855, Illinois- moved to Colo. bet. 1894-98; d. 19 Nov 1928, Denver, CO or died Nov. 19, 1928.

                  ix.    WARDEN D. GRIFFITH, b. 13 Mar 1858, Illinois; d. 28 Mar 1930, at Cape Girardeau, MO 1920 or Died 1940?; m. NETTIE MORTON, 19 Sep 1883, Clark Co, IL - Vol G, Pg. 151, License #3; b. Abt. 1860, Or is maiden name NORTON?.



From Illinois On-Line marriages:


GRIFFITH, WARDEN D                   MORTON, NETTIE                       09/19/1883     Vol. G, Pg. 151, License 3        CLARK  Co.


                   x.    OGDEN GREENOUGH GRIFFITH, b. 26 Jul 1860, Illinois; d. 15 Sep 1865.

                  xi.    LYMAN BOOTHE GRIFFITH, b. 13 Jul 1862, Illinois; d. 13 Jul 1862.

                 xii.    JUBIA J. GRIFFITH, b. 22 Jan 1865, Illinois; d. 12 Mar 1866.

14.           xiii.    EDGAR J. GRIFFITH, b. Jan 1867, Illinois- could he be a GrandSon?; d. Aft. 1930, at Wabash Twp, Clark Co IL 1900-30.



4.  ROBERT MORRISON4 GRIFFITH (WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 05 Jan 1820 in Indiana- BD extrapolated from Cemetery Stone, and died 28 Dec 1880 in Sullivan Co, Indiana.  He married MILDRED JANE REED 24 Feb 1842 in Clark Co, IL.  She was born 15 Jun 1822 in Kentucky- Both parents b. Ireland - or Reid?, and died 05 Feb 1911 in Sullivan Co, IN.



Of interest is that although Robert consistently states on all census he is on that he is born in Indiana, all his children on nearly all census records claim both their parents are born at Kentucky.   We do believe his wife, Mildred Jane was in fact born at KY, but I believe that Robert himself is correct that he is born at Indiana.



Robert  M.'s newspaper clippings from the time of his death reads:


Dec, 29, 1880, Wed. Sullivan Democrat:


For the past two or three weeks, Robert M. Griffith has been suffering from an attack of pneumonia.   Monday night his case was reported extremely critical,. and it was the general opinion that he would not survive through the night.   This morning (Tuesday) it was thought there was an  improvement.   We hope he may recover.   Later Mr. Griffith died last evening about four O'clock.


Another newspaper:


Sullivan Union, Dec. 29, 1880:

Robert M. Griffith, ex-auditor who has been ill for some time is quite low, and is hardly expected to recover.  Later: Mr. Griffith died yesterday about 4 O'clock; will be buried tomorrow by the Masonic fraternity.




                   i.    WILLIAM C.5 GRIFFITH, b. 29 Sep 1843; d. 22 Oct 1843, 23 days old.



Burial: Little Flock Cem, Shelburn, IN - same stone as Robt. E.


15.             ii.    JAMES HARVEY GRIFFITH, b. 1844, Indiana-could he have had 3 other wives?; d. 1920, Probably Nebraska ?.

                 iii.    SHELBURN "SHELL" C. GRIFFITH, b. 1847, Indiana- left Sullivan 1882; d. Aft. Apr 1905, Oklahoma Cherokee Indian Ter. April 1905.



There is a man, Shelborn in 1910 & S. C. in 1920 both at New Mexico, but I cannot find him under various spellings in 1880 nor 1900.   His sister's obituary says he was at Indian Territory in 1905, I presume then is Oklahoma .. ?


16.            iv.    FRANCES "FANNIE" A. GRIFFITH, b. Jun 1850, Indiana; d. Aft. 1920, At Long Beach, CA 1920 w. son.

17.             v.    PRUDENCE M. GRIFFITH, b. Dec 1852, Indiana- Melinda Medsker's Great-GM; d. 1935.

18.            vi.    PRESTON ARMSTRONG GRIFFITH, b. 16 Apr 1855, Indiana-Left Sullivan 1886; d. 23 Nov 1930, Douglas, AZ -Lived at Cochise Co, AZ 1910-30.

                vii.    JOSEPH WARDEN GRIFFITH, b. 20 Jul 1858, Sullivan, Indiana-his 1st wife died 1890; d. 1932, Unable to find any children of his; m. MARY E. HOSKINS, 18 Apr 1914, Terre Haute, IN- both had prior marriage; b. 16 Sep 1872, Sullivan, IN- her 1st husband died 1896; d. 1934, His 2nd mg.-Her 1st md. name YOUNG.

               viii.    THOMAS V. GRIFFITH, b. 1861, Indiana- may be in Terre Haute 1900 ?; d. Aft. 1880.

                  ix.    ROBERT E. GRIFFITH, b. 29 Aug 1865, Indiana; d. 12 Feb 1872, 6 yrs. old.



Burial: Little Flock Cem, Shelburn, IL



5.  ZERILDA JANE4 GRIFFITH (WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 12 Feb 1824 in Corydon, Indiana; or Feb. 22?, and died 09 Dec 1900 in Sullivan Co, IN.  She married JAMES HARVEY REED, SR. 10 Mar 1846 in Clark Co, IL  Book 1, Page 45, son of WILLIAM REED and NANCY POUND.  He was born 22 Feb 1824 in Charleston, Indiana- Clark Co., and died 12 Jan 1873 in Sullivan Co, IN.



Illinois On-Line marriages:


REED, JAMES H                        GRIFFITH, ZERILDA JANE               03/10/1846 1  /45            CLARK





                   i.    WILLIAM M.5 REED, b. 05 Dec 1848, Sullivan Co, IN.

19.             ii.    JOSEPH SAMUEL REED, b. 26 Dec 1852, Sullivan Co, IN; d. 22 Jul 1922, Sullivan Co, IN.

                 iii.    JONATHAN KIMBALL REED, b. 1853, Sullivan Co, IN; d. 1861.

                 iv.    EMMA D. REED, b. 1855; d. 1931.

20.             v.    THOMAS WARDEN REED, b. 08 Nov 1855, Sullivan Co, IN; d. 18 Jul 1906, Sullivan Co, IN.

21.            vi.    JAMES HARVEY REED, JR., b. 01 Apr 1858, Sullivan Co, IN; d. 18 Jul 1936, Sullivan Co, IN- at Edgar Co, IL 1910.

                vii.    FANNIE E. REED, b. 1860, Sullivan Co, IN; d. Aft. Jun 1880.


Notes for FANNIE E. REED:

NORRIS, GEORGE E                     REED, FANNIE                         02/15/1883 G  /118  3


               viii.    MINNIE N. REED, b. 1863, Sullivan Co, IN; d. Aft. Jun 1880.



6.  ARMILDA A.4 GRIFFITH (WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 1826, and died 27 Jun 1849.  She married PETER HIGDON 09 Jul 1848 in Clark Co, IL.  He was born 1823 in KY, and died 1868 in At Hamilton Twp, Sullivan Co, IN 1850-60.



HIGDON, PETER                        GRIFFITH, ARMILDA ANN                07/09/1848 1  /146           CLARK



                   i.    FAYETTE A.5 HIGDON, b. 1849, Indiana; d. Aft. 1860, w. Fa & GF Wm.C Griffith 1860.



7.  WILLIAM T.4 GRIFFITH, M.D. (WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born Aug 1833 in Indiana - physician at Washington, IL, and died 01 Sep 1909 in Washington, IL -On 1850 census  w. parents.  He married LUCY ANN APPLEGATE 13 Dec 1859 in Fayette Co, IL - Volume A, Page 69, daughter of ELIJAH APPLEGATE and MELINDA APPLEGATE.  She was born Jul 1838 in Indiana, and died 10 Jul 1903 in Washington, IL.



I first heard of Dr. William T. Griffith from his descendant, Betty Griffith Bevard from Washington, IL and another researcher, Richard Mayne, husband of descendant Lurla Griffith.   I admit I was at first skeptical of this William at Washington, IL- Tazewell county being a son of William C. Griffith KY> Sullivan County, Indiana.   For this reason.

     In 1850 there is a son living with William C. & Fannie at Sullivan, named Thomas W. Griffith born about 1833.   Now, on all the census records I find Dr. William T. on, he is listed as either William or William T. - albeit BD 1833 and from Indiana.   I was never able to show a middle name Thomas.   Then Betty Bevard told me she has his death certificate from 1909 that shows his middle name:  TECUMSEH.    Despite these conflicts, the brief biograph below certainly makes it nearly certain that he is William C's son.   My Griffith side who were at Sullivan County, Indiana during the same period had no William's born about that date, so I am  reasonably sure William T. is not directly from my side.  - ag


From Book:  Tazewell County History:


W. T. Griffith, Mr.MD., residence, Walnut street; born in Sullivan Co., md., in 1833. There he commenced the study of medicine, and in 1856 entered upon a course of lectures at Cincinnati, 0., and the following year began practicing at Washburn, Woodford Co. In 1858 he moved to Shelby Co. where he attained a successful practice and was married, in 1859, to Miss Lucy A. Applegate, a native of Orange Co., md., where she was born in 1838; came to this county in 1865 and settled in this city, where he has since made it his home and been successful.   George M., Warden T. and Fannie are their living children; lost two_Willie, and one that died in infancy.


The Washington Post, Washington, IL, Friday, September 3, 1909, Page 1, Columns 2 3.



Dr. W. T. Griffith, the well known and beloved old doctor, fell asleep in death Wednesday night. When Dr. H. A. Zinser, with whom the Doctor had offices, went to open the office at 8:30 o'clock Thursday morning he found Dr. Griffith still in bed. He did not answer a greeting and upon examination he was found to be dead. He was resting on his left side with his arms folded over his breast. There had not been a struggle or pain  He just fell asleep and never woke. At 11 o'clock the evening before Dr. Zinser had bidden him good night. He left him undressing himself and he was in especially good spirits, talking and joking as was so often his custom , In fact with all his friends the day and evening before he had appeared to be feeling extra good and in a happy fi ame of mind. It was band concert night and he laughed and joked and gave his friends a happy greeting as they passed by or stopped to talk with him. To his old, nearly life long friend, Capt. D. S. Sheppard, his death was a terrible blow. They took their meals together at the Danforth hotel and he had appeared so full of life the day before. The news of Dr. Griffith's death spread rapidly and hundreds of his Friends called to verify the report and tender their services. His sudden summons cast a gloom over the whole community.


His daughter Mrs. Dailey of Peoria was at once notified, also the coroner. Mr. and Mrs. Daily came over on the first train. His death was a terrible shock to the daughter they had always been such comrades. Deputy Coroner Mason of Pekin also came at I o'clock and impaneled the following jury: A. H. Heiple foreman, L. J. Kern, Dr. McClung, James Davis, W. S. Norris, Ed McManus. A number of witnesses were examined. Dr. Zinser gave his testimony as to the facts. He believed that he had died at 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning. His body was warm when he made examination. The jury returned a verdict that he came to his death from paralysis of the heart. The Doctor had been having spells with his heart for some time and had often said that some day he would go quickly.


Dr. William T. Griffith was born in Sullivan, Ind., August 30,1833. He celebrated his 76th birthday on Monday. He was one of a family of twelve children, all of whom are dead except one sister, Mrs. Frances Patten of Sullivan, who is now confined to her bed with sickness. His father lived to be 96 years of age and one brother who died two years ago sitting in his chair, was 87. Dr. Griffith came to Illinois when a young man. He moved to Ramsey, Fayette county, where he met his wife, Miss Lucy Ann Applegate. She had moved to that place with her parents from Washington in 1858. December 13, 1909, they were married and in 1865 they moved to Washington, her old home, where they passed the remainder of their lives. From this union four children were born. Wm. C. died when 15 months old. Those surviving are Geo. M. and Thomas and Mrs. Fanny Dailey all of Peoria. Mrs. Griffith died July 10, 1903. For 30 years she was a great sufferer and the tender care given her by her husband was the admiration of the community.


For forty four years Dr. Griffith practiced his profession in this community and during the long term of years he had exceptional success as a practicioner. For many years he was township physician for the poor and ever had a watchful care for the needy sick. In 1884 he was elected county coroner on the Democratic ticket and for four years held the




Burial: Glendale Cemetery, Washington, IL



22.              i.    GEORGE M.5 GRIFFITH, b. 01 Jan 1865, Hardin Co, Illinois; d. 20 Dec 1936, Peoria, IL.

                  ii.    WARDEN THOMAS GRIFFITH, b. 07 Apr 1867, Illinois- went by Tom, never married?; d. 18 Jun 1942, Peoria, IL; m. IVA (?) GRIFFITH; b. 1872, Illinois.

                 iii.    FRANCES "FANNIE" GRIFFITH, b. Feb 1877, Illinois- no children; d. 20 Nov 1930, Peoria, IL; m. JOSEPH W. DAILEY, 19 Apr 1905; b. 1872, Illinois.



8.  SARAH FRANCES4 GRIFFITH (WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 28 Nov 1838 in Sullivan Co, Indiana, and died 09 Dec 1929 in Sullivan Co, IN-some lines Patton in next generation.  She married JAMES B. PATTEN 02 Oct 1865 in Sullivan Co, Indiana, son of JOSHUA PATTEN and BARBARA PATTEN.  He was born 26 May 1838 in Sullivan Co, IN- data this family fr.Ancestry.com, and died 27 Mar 1900 in Indianapolis, Indiana - Marion Co.- Patton also.




                   i.    ANNA GRIFFITH5 PATTEN, b. 06 May 1868, Sullivan Co, IN; d. 01 Apr 1872, Sullivan Co, IN.

                  ii.    HARRY LYMAN PATTEN, b. 11 Oct 1869, Sullivan Co, IN; d. 28 Apr 1972, Sullivan Co, IN.

                 iii.    ELIZA CLEORA PATTEN, b. 27 Nov 1873, Sullivan Co, IN; d. 29 Jul 1975, Sullivan Co, IN.

23.            iv.    JAMES CLARENCE PATTEN, b. 04 Feb 1876, Sullivan Co, Indiana; d. 04 Feb 1931, Lived at Indianapolis 1900, Kokomo 1910.

24.             v.    ROBERT HARRY PATTEN, b. 29 Dec 1878, Sullivan Co, IN- twin of Daisy; d. 16 Feb 1926, Indianapolis, Indiana - Marion Co..

                 vi.    DAISY BARBARA PATTEN, b. 29 Dec 1878, Sullivan Co, IN-twin of Robert; d. 26 Apr 1885.

25.           vii.    GLENNA ALDA PATTEN, b. 16 Mar 1884, Sullivan Co, IN; d. 26 Aug 1951, Terre Haute, Indiana - Vigo Co..



9.  ELIZA A.4 GRIFFITH (WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 18 Jul 1842 in Indiana -or IL ? - and maybe 1841 ?, and died 20 May 1885 in Hutsonville, IL - there by 1870.  She married WILLIAM EATON, M.D. in His 1st marriage, son of CHARLES EATON and SARAH HUNT.  He was born 27 Feb 1838 in Indiana- Civil war verteran, and died Aft. 1890.


Notes for ELIZA A. GRIFFITH:  available


Notes for WILLIAM EATON, M.D.:

Graduated from Rush Medical School, Chicago, Feb, 1861



                   i.    GEORGIA5 EATON, b. 26 Feb 1868, Illinois; d. Jan 1890; m. FRANK ADAMS; b. Abt. 1867.

                  ii.    FANNIE EATON, b. 1870, Illinois - had 2 children; m. JAMES A. WRIGHT; b. Abt. 1869.

                 iii.    CHARLES EATON, b. 21 Aug 1876, Illinois.

                 iv.    BESS EATON, b. 30 May 1881.

                  v.    NELLIE EATON, b. 27 Mar 1885.



Generation No. 4


10.  JOHN A.5 GRIFFITH (WARDEN H.4, WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 23 Aug 1843 in Illinois, and died 29 Dec 1894.  He married ELIZABETH J. HUSTON 17 Oct 1865 in Clark Co, IL - Vol 5, Pg. 220.  She was born 1844 in Ohio.



Illinois On-Line Marriage Records:


GRIFFITH, JOHN A                     HUSTON, ELIZABETH                    10/17/1865       Vol. E, Pg.220           CLARK Co.



                   i.    WILLIAM H.6 GRIFFITH, SR., b. Sep 1868, Illinois, prob. Clark Co, in or near Marshall; d. 1958, Uncertain about this death date; m. BLANCHE (?) GRIFFITH; b. Jan 1976, Indiana.


Notes for WILLIAM H. GRIFFITH, SR.:     William's BPs shown in each census:


1880 – Illinois  1900; - Indiana;     1910 – Illinois;     1920 – Indiana;      1930 – Illinois;      


11.  WILLIAM C.5 GRIFFITH (WARDEN H.4, WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 05 May 1845 in Illinois, and died 14 Jan 1893 in Lived at Indianapolis 1880 to death.  He married ELNORA LIBBY 26 Dec 1871.  She was born 08 Sep 1850 in Ottawa, LaSalle Co, IL; or Libbey-or 1851, and died Aft. 1920 in at Indianapolis thru 1920.



1880 census:

William C. GRIFFITH   Self    M   Male     W   34   IL   Insurance Agt.    UNKNOWN   UNKNOWN

 Elnora GRIFFITH        Wife   M Female   W  28    IL  Keeping House   ME   ME

 Frank L. GRIFFITH     Son    S   Male      W   6     IL   At School             IL      IL

 Harry GRIFFITH     Son    S   Male W   4     IL                                 IL    IL

 D. K. PARTLOW   Other   S   Male      W  26    IN   Lawyer               UKNOWN   UNKNOWN


Source Information:

  Census Place 9th Ward, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana

 Family History Library Film  1254295

 NA Film Number  T9-0295

 Page Number  276B 




                   i.    FRANK L.6 GRIFFITH, b. 15 Oct 1873, Illinois; d. Aft. 1930, Believe lived at Franklin Co, OH 1910-30; m. FLORA A. (?) GRIFFITH, 1910, Says married 10 yrs on 1910 census; b. 1876, Ohio; d. Aft. 1930.



Uncertain whether this is he:



                  ii.    HARRY W. GRIFFITH, b. Mar 1875, Illinois- did he have 2nd wife, Nettie ?; d. Aft. 1920, At Detroit 1938; at Indianapolis 1900-20; m. JESSIE B. WHITNEY; b. Jan 1875, Indiana- or was maiden name BIRD ?; d. Aft. 1920.



Perry Griffith of Indianapolis, Indiana sent me a letter that Harry wrote to Harry's brother, William C. - it was dated Dec. 22, 1938 and written on letterhead of Commercial Development Company, 424 E. Jefferson Ave, Detroit,  Michigan.  The letter was signed simply:  "Your Brother,  Harry".


                 iii.    HOWARD T. GRIFFITH, b. 10 Aug 1883, Indiana- 2nd wife Marie ?, 1st wife Margo ?; d. Nov 1969, Last residence at Indianapolis.



                 iv.    WILLLIAM C. GRIFFITH, b. 06 Dec 1891, Indiana; d. Mar 1970, Prob. Last residence at Indianapolis; m. RUTH PERRY; b. 1896, Indiana.



12.  MARGARET J.5 GRIFFITH (WARDEN H.4, WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 27 Jan 1851 in Illinois, and died 24 Aug 1916.  She married LEVI L. LAINGOR 21 Dec 1871 in Clark Co, IL - Book E, Page 550.  He was born Abt. 1850 in Indiana; Or spelled LAINGER, and died Bef. 1880.



Illinois On-Line marriage records:


LAINGOR, LEVI L                      GRIFFITH, MARGARET                   12/21/1871 E  /550           CLARK

Comments: This record can be found at the County Court Records, Film # 1306059 - 1306062. 




                   i.    LAVINA6 LAINGOR, b. 1871, Illinois; d. Aft. 1880.

                  ii.    JOHN LAINGOR, b. 1876, Illinois; d. Aft. 1930; m. MYRTLE MALINDA (?) GRIFFITH, 1897, 1900 census shows married 3 yrs.; b. Dec 1875, Illinois.



13.  CHARLES D.5 GRIFFITH (WARDEN H.4, WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 16 Jan 1855 in Illinois- moved to Colo. bet. 1894-98, and died 19 Nov 1928 in Denver, CO or died Nov. 19, 1928.  He married JESSIE BARRICK 1883 in 1900 census says married 17 yrs., daughter of WILLIAM BARRICK and ADELIA WELLMAN.  She was born Sep 1860 in Indiana - or as early as 1856, and died Aft. 1920.



                   i.    GRACE A.6 GRIFFITH, b. Feb 1887, Indiana; d. Aft. 1900.

                  ii.    CHARLES B. GRIFFITH, b. 30 Jun 1894, Indiana; d. 09 Dec 1964, Los Angeles Co, CA; m. VIRGINIA M. (?) GRIFFITH; b. 1896.


Notes for CHARLES B. GRIFFITH:  available


                 iii.    HELEN J. GRIFFITH, b. Mar 1898, Colorado; d. Aft. 1920.



14.  EDGAR J.5 GRIFFITH (WARDEN H.4, WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born Jan 1867 in Illinois- could he be a GrandSon?, and died Aft. 1930 in at Wabash Twp, Clark Co IL 1900-30.  He married LILLIE BELLE WARRINER.  She was born Feb 1864 in Illinois, and died Aft. 1930.



                   i.    MARGARET A.6 GRIFFITH, b. Jul 1896, Illinois; d. Aft. 1920.



15.  JAMES HARVEY5 GRIFFITH (ROBERT MORRISON4, WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 1844 in Indiana-could he have had 3 other wives?, and died 1920 in Probably Nebraska ?.  He married (1) ALICE JENNIE KAUFMAN 27 Dec 1868 in believe is his 1st marriage.  She was born Abt. 1846 in Indiana.  He married (2) PHOEBE KAUFMAN 08 Aug 1874 in believe is his 2nd marriage.  She was born Abt. 1844 in This wife per Wm. James Griffith.  He married (3) CATHERINE "KATE" MORGAN 09 Nov 1876 in Sullivan Co, IN; may be His 3rd marriage (of 4).  She was born 1842 in Ohio, and died 1883.  He married (4) NINA WORLEY 26 Sep 1889 in Lexington, Nebraska - poss. his 4th marriage.  She was born Jul 1863 in Portsmouth, Ohio - W. Jim Griffith's GM.



An email from James Harvey descendant Bob Carr May 2006 as a reply to my query about whether James & Kate had only one child:



A note from William James Griffith of Texas placed on the Sullivan County Historical Society website:  by  William James Griffith <hjgwjg@tstar.net>

Date: 2004-09-08   Available




Burial: Elm Creek, Nebraska



Burial: Elm Creek, Nebraska



                   i.    LENA ELENORA6 GRIFFITH, b. 15 Aug 1877, Indiana- Bob Carr's GM; d. 1960; m. UHEL ULERY CARR; b. 1875, Indiana; d. 1935.


Notes for LENA ELENORA GRIFFITH:  available




                  ii.    ROBERT WARREN6 GRIFFITH, b. 26 Jun 1891, Nebraska; d. Mar 1980, Avon, SD; m. RUTH E. REID; b. 1895, Iowa.


Notes for ROBERT WARREN GRIFFITH: available


                 iii.    VIRGIL W. GRIFFITH, b. 09 Aug 1892, Elm Creek, Nebraska - prob. no children; d. 03 Jun 1973, Humboldt Co, CA; m. ONA (?) GRIFFITH; b. 1894, Canada; d. Aft. 1930.




Note, he gave August 9, 1888 as his BD for draft registration, so like many young males wanted to serve no matter their young age, so gave an older age.  - ag



                 iv.    NORA GRIFFITH, b. Feb 1894, Nebraska.

                  v.    HELEN GRIFFITH, b. Jan 1895, Nebraska.

                 vi.    JAMES HARVEY GRIFFITH, b. 02 Dec 1898, Elm Creek, Nebraska-or 1897; d. 15 Feb 1982, Medford, Jackson Co, OR; m. MILDRED E. (?) GRIFFITH; b. 1907, Nebraska; d. Aft. 1930.


Notes for JAMES HARVEY GRIFFITH:  And various members of the Reed family available on inquiry


                vii.    ELSIE GRIFFITH, b. Mar 1900, Nebraska.



16.  FRANCES "FANNIE" A.5 GRIFFITH (ROBERT MORRISON4, WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born Jun 1850 in Indiana, and died Aft. 1920 in At Long Beach, CA 1920 w. son.  She married RANSON REID, son of JAMES REID and MARTHA HINKLE.  He was born Sep 1845 in Indiana - 1880 Both parents KY, 1900 both b. at NC, and died Aft. 1920.



This note in a 1903 Sullivan Newspaper led me to be able to track another child of Robert M.:





                   i.    JAMES K.6 REID, b. Jun 1874, Indiana- probably no children; d. Aft. 1930, At Long Beach, CA 1920-30; m. MADGE G. (?) GRIFFITH; b. 1882, Nebraska.



17.  PRUDENCE M.5 GRIFFITH (ROBERT MORRISON4, WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born Dec 1852 in Indiana- Melinda Medsker's Great-GM, and died 1935.  She married OSCAR HUDSON "HUD" CROWDER, son of MR. CROWDER and HANNAH CROWDER.  He was born Jun 1843 in Indiana, and died 1926.



                   i.    RUTH6 CROWDER, b. Mar 1881, Indiana- No Grandchildren; d. Aft. 1900; m. GENE BROWN; b. Abt. 1880.

                  ii.    HESTER J. CROWDER, b. Jun 1883, Indiana- Melinda Medsker's GrandMother; d. Aft. 1930; m. GARLAND D. SCOTT, MD; b. 1873, Indiana; d. Aft. 1930, a Physician at city of Sullivan 1920 & 30.



                 iii.    RUSH GRIFFITH CROWDER, b. 21 May 1889, Sullivan Co, Indiana- he was a druggist; d. Aft. 1930, At Bedford, IN 1930 - No children; m. MARGARET VICTORIA HARNEY, 11 Feb 1916, Vigo Co, IN; b. 28 Oct 1888, Indiana- 1st husband's surname BENCE; d. Aft. 1930, They are married 14 yrs. 1930, no children.



18.  PRESTON ARMSTRONG5 GRIFFITH (ROBERT MORRISON4, WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 16 Apr 1855 in Indiana-Left Sullivan 1886, and died 23 Nov 1930 in Douglas, AZ -Lived at Cochise Co, AZ 1910-30.  He married MARY "MOLLIE" BURKE Nov 1878.  She was born Sep 1857 in Indiana, and died Aft. 1930.



                   i.    MARTHA E.6 GRIFFITH, b. 1881, Indiana; d. Aft. 1930, At Douglas, AZ 1910-30; m. GEORGE W. DAWE; b. 1876, California; d. Aft. 1930.

                  ii.    PRESTON E. GRIFFITH, b. 28 Nov 1886, Indiana- Calif. records say 1893; d. 10 Mar 1943, Los Angeles, CA.



19.  JOSEPH SAMUEL5 REED (ZERILDA JANE4 GRIFFITH, WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 26 Dec 1852 in Sullivan Co, IN, and died 22 Jul 1922 in Sullivan Co, IN.  He married EMMA D. DAVIS 11 Nov 1875 in Sullivan Co, Indiana.  She was born 15 Dec 1855 in Sullivan Co, IN, and died 1931 in Sullivan Co, IN.


Children of JOSEPH REED and EMMA DAVIS are:

                   i.    MARIE LUCILLE6 REED, b. 03 Feb 1877, Indiana; or Mary as on 1880 cen.; d. Aft. 1880; m. WILLIAM A. JENKINS, 01 Nov 1898, Indiana; b. 1874, Sullivan Co, IN; d. 06 Nov 1960, Marion Co, IN.

                  ii.    JULIA FERN REED, b. 21 Mar 1888; d. 1916; m. BENJAMIN STONE; b. Abt. 1887; d. 1936.



20.  THOMAS WARDEN5 REED (ZERILDA JANE4 GRIFFITH, WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 08 Nov 1855 in Sullivan Co, IN, and died 18 Jul 1906 in Sullivan Co, IN.  He married EMMA STRATTON 21 Feb 1889.  She was born 13 Apr 1868 in Sullivan Co, IN.



Children of THOMAS REED and EMMA STRATTON are:

                   i.    IRL STRATTON6 REED, b. 27 Feb 1890, Indiana- or is 1st name Ira or Earl ?; d. Aug 1966, Dade City, Fl - Pasco Co.; m. MARY G. (?) REED; b. 1894, Indiana; d. Aft. 1930.


                  ii.    JOSEPH WAYNE REED, b. 04 Feb 1894, Indiana; d. Jun 1968, St. Petersburg, FL- Pinellas Co..


                 iii.    MARY RUTH REED, b. 20 Feb 1895, Indiana -Twin of David; d. 20 Jul 1895.

                 iv.    DAVID RALPH REED, b. 20 Feb 1895, Indiana-goes by Ralph D. 1920-30 cen.; d. Oct 1983, Clearwater, FL- Pinellas Co.; m. FRANCES (?) REED; b. Abt. 1902, Florida- They had no children as of 1930; d. They were at St. Petersburg, FL in 1930.



21.  JAMES HARVEY5 REED, JR. (ZERILDA JANE4 GRIFFITH, WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 01 Apr 1858 in Sullivan Co, IN, and died 18 Jul 1936 in Sullivan Co, IN- at Edgar Co, IL 1910.  He married FLORA M. GREENLEE 25 Sep 1883 in Sullivan Co, Indiana.  She was born 01 May 1861 in Sullivan Co, IN, and died Aft. 1930.



Children of JAMES REED and FLORA GREENLEE are:

                   i.    MINNIE EVELYN6 REED, b. 04 Aug 1884, Indiana; d. Aft. 1920, unmarried as of 1920; m. CHARLES T. RUDY; b. Abt. 1882.

                  ii.    ELSIE Z. REED, b. 31 Aug 1890, Indiana- prior researcher says 1891; d. Aft. 1920, unmarried as of 1920; m. THOMAS W. MEGEENER; b. Abt. 1890.

                 iii.    CLAUDE G. REED, b. 27 Oct 1892, Indiana- prior researcher says 1893; d. Aug 1969, Paris, IL- No children as of 1930; m. FAYE M. (?) REED; b. 1893, Illinois; d. Aft. 1920.





22.  GEORGE M.5 GRIFFITH (WILLIAM T.4, WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 01 Jan 1865 in Hardin Co, Illinois, and died 20 Dec 1936 in Peoria, IL.  He married MARY EMMA BUTLER 1895 in 1900 census shows married 5 yrs..  She was born Jan 1870 in Illinois, and died Abt. 1909.



Griffith, George M.


Tazewell County Reporter and Washington Post and News, Washington, EL, Thursday, December 24,1936, Page 1, Column 7. Death of Son of Dr. Griffith in Peoria Sunday


George M. Griffith, Sr., 71 years old, resident of Peoria for the past 38 years, died Sunday morning at the home of his son, Thomas B. Griffith, 1423 Missouri avenue, where he had resided for the past seven years.


He was born in Hardin county, Illinois January 1, 1865, the son of Dr. William T. and Lucy Ann Griffith, and was married to Mary E. Butler in 1895. She died in Peoria in 1909. Mr. Griffith was a retired carpenter.


Surviving are four sons, Thomas B., George M., Jr., and Benjamin R. Griffith, Peoria, and Joseph K. Griffith, Fairview, Ill.; one daughter, Mrs. H. E. Carrithers, Detroit, one brother, Thomas Griffith, Peoria; and nine grandchildren.


Funeral services were conducted at 9:30 o'clock Tuesday morning at the Wilton mortuary chapel. Burial was in Glen Dale cemetery.


Mr. Griffith was the son of Dr. Griffith, Washington physician many years ago and will be remembered by many people here.


Tazewell Country Reporter and Washington Post and News Washington, IL,

 Thursday, December 24, 193 6, Page 1, Column 7.


Death of Son of Dr. Griffith in Peoria Sunday


George M. Griffith, Sr., 71 years old. Resident of Peoria for the past 38 years, died Sunday morning at the home of his son, Thomas B. Griffith.  1433 Missouri Avenue, where he had resided for the past seven years.

He was born in Hardin county,. Illinois January 1. 1865 the son of Dr. William T. and Lucy Ann Griffith, and was married to Mary E. Butler in 1895. She died in Peoria in 1909. Mr. Griffith was a retired carpenter.

Surviving are four sons, Thomas B., George M., Jr., and Benjamin R. Griffith, Peoria, and Joseph K. Griffith, Fairview, Ill.; one daughter, Mrs. H. E. Carrithers, Detroit, one brother, Thomas Griffith, Peoria; and nine grandchildren.

Funeral services were conducted at 9:30 o'clock Tuesday morning at the Wilton mortuary chapel. Burial was in Glen Dale cemetery.

Mr. Griffith was the son of Dr. Griffith, Washington physician many years ago and will be remembered by many people here.





                   i.    THOMAS B.6 GRIFFITH, b. 07 Mar 1896, Washington, IL-raised by his Aunt Fannie Griffith Daily; d. 1952, Versailles, MO while on vacation trip; m. LURLINE UTLEY, 31 Dec 1917; b. 1897, Illinois.

                  ii.    GEORGE GRIFFITH, b. Aug 1898, Illinois; d. 1938; m. EMMA HANELT; b. 09 Nov 1907; d. 03 Jul 2006, Farmington, IL- Farmington Counrty Manor.

                 iii.    BENJAMIN ROLAND GRIFFITH, b. 16 Jul 1900, Illinois - Betty Bevard's Father; d. 15 Aug 1962; m. ELIZABETH BLASKO; b. 03 Jun 1914; d. 06 Dec 1981.

                 iv.    JOSEPH KIMBLE GRIFFITH, b. 14 Jul 1902, Peoria, Illinois - Lurla & Gary Griffith's Father; d. 22 Jan 1973, Peoria, IL; m. LOUISE IRENE PERRY; b. 09 Dec 1914, Versailles, IL - Brown Co.; d. 14 Mar 1998, Peoira, IL.

                  v.    SUZANNE GRIFFITH, b. 12 Jun 1904, Illinois- were Susan & Lucy 2 girls; d. 22 Oct 1991, Bad Axe, MI - Huron Co.- 87 yrs.; m. HERBERT EMERSON CARRITHERS, 22 Jul 1925, Ottawa, IL; b. 29 Jun 1903, Wenona- Marshall Co, IL; d. 28 Apr 1991, Bad Axe - Huron Co, MI.



Believe she was adopted by Aunt Monte Coffoid who ran a boarding house in Toluca.   I spoke to the widowed husband of Suzanne's daughter,  as of September 2005.   He confirmed Joyce's siblings but didn't have those details to give me.  - ag



Burial: Acacia Park Cemetery, Birmingham, MI


                 vi.    LUCY GRIFFITH, b. Abt. 1907, Illinois -; d. Bef. 1910, may have died at Orphanage.



23.  JAMES CLARENCE5 PATTEN (SARAH FRANCES4 GRIFFITH, WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 04 Feb 1876 in Sullivan Co, Indiana, and died 04 Feb 1931 in Lived at Indianapolis 1900, Kokomo 1910.  He married (1) RUTH ELIZABETH RUDELL 20 Dec 1900 in Kokomo, IN - his 1st marriage.  She was born 30 Mar 1880 in Kokomo, Indiana.  He married (2) MARGARET LUCILLE HOWELL 23 May 1925 in Danville, Illinois - his 2nd marriage.  She was born 23 May 1896.



Lived at Indianapolis 1900, Kokomo 1910, but back at Indianapolis by 1930, then with a much younger wife and he was president of a "metals company'.



                   i.    JAMES RICHARD6 PATTEN, b. 11 Nov 1901, Kokomo, Indiana.



24.  ROBERT HARRY5 PATTEN (SARAH FRANCES4 GRIFFITH, WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 29 Dec 1878 in Sullivan Co, IN- twin of Daisy, and died 16 Feb 1926 in Indianapolis, Indiana - Marion Co..  He married (1) EDITH ROUAN 30 Dec 1901 in His 1st marriage.  She was born Abt. 1879 in St. Thomas, West Indies, and died 18 Dec 1902.  He married (2) GRACE QUINNEP 19 Sep 1909 in Marshall, IL- Clark Co.- his 2nd marriage.  She was born 14 Jul 1890 in Marshall, IL- Clark Co.- or sp. GUINNIN?.



                   i.    SARAH ELIZABETH6 PATTEN, b. 10 Mar 1911.

                  ii.    RUTH GRIFFITH PATTEN, b. 04 Mar 1912.

                 iii.    JAMES PATTEN, b. 24 May 1913.



25.  GLENNA ALDA5 PATTEN (SARAH FRANCES4 GRIFFITH, WILLIAM CHENOWITH3, NATHAN2, JOHN1) was born 16 Mar 1884 in Sullivan Co, IN, and died 26 Aug 1951 in Terre Haute, Indiana - Vigo Co..  She married RUSH POHR CRAWFORD 20 Oct 1909 in Divorced between 1920-30.  He was born 24 Dec 1876 in Sullivan Co, IN, and died 03 Aug 1953 in North Manchester, Indiana.



                   i.    JOHN PATTEN6 CRAWFORD, b. 19 Jul 1910, Indiana.

                  ii.    BARBARA CRAWFORD, b. 1913, Indiana; m. WILLIAM GEORGE KESSELL; b. Abt. 1912.


Generation No. 0

The proposed link of Nathan Griffith Gen #1 to John Griffith of PA. is not supported by Y-DNA data.  We are working to get additional samples to support or refute this link


Information sources:

A great deal of this information was gathered by Allen Griffith,   IL.; [ not a descendent of Wm. C..]; with help from;  Bob Carr;  DC.; Hank Griffith ;  Betty Griffith Bevard; IL. Richard Mayne (spouse of  Lurla Griffith GA.;   Jim Griffith  Tx;  


I have removed some of the many NOTES concerning sources and additional information sources to shorten this document..  If you are researching these lines, contact me and I will get you the full package.


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